Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What He Put in His Locker

"He has your letter posted in his locker as a reminder."
Over the years I have come to enjoy writing letters. It helps me to organize my thoughts and provides the recipient with something to look back on years later if they want to do so. Plus it is still fun to receive letters in the mail even in this tech saturated culture of ours. I was particularly impressed with one of the first year Junior Counselors this past summer and wanted to encourage him with the things I'd seen God doing in him. I forwarded a copy of the letter to his parents because I thought they'd be encouraged by what I'd seen in their son. Below is the email response I got from her and it made me smile:

"I was very blessed by your letter to my son. You literally  made me cry at work on the first day of school! I can’t thank you enough for the time you have spent getting to know him and encouraging him. He really enjoyed his time at the different camps this summer.
He has your letter posted in his locker as a reminder. I know it means a lot to him."

I love my job

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