Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tentative Camp Dates for Next Summer

Does anyone know what sacrilegious item Zac holds in his hand?
Tentative Dates for next summer's camps. Please be aware that these are TENTATIVE. We want this Schedule to work but we are dependent on some key first-come-first-serve permits that we cannot acquire until January 1st. Look for date confirmations on January 2nd, but use these current dates for some planning.

We had such a great camping season in 2013 and we can't wait until 2014!

Camp information will be updated shortly but you can click here and bookmark the site for easy access.
Proposed Camps and dates: 
Canadian Canoe:   June 11-21 
Aviation Camp:   June 15-20 
Trinity White Water Canoe:   June 22-28 
Bay Cruise Sailing Camp:  June 24-28 
Junior Counselor Precamp Training: 
July 2-5 
NorCal Boys Adventure Camp: 
July 6-12 
Father/Son  camp: 
July 6-9 
Father/Daughter Camp: 
July 9-12 
Base Camp (Intro to Trip Camping):   July 13-18 
SoCal Boys Adventure Camp: July 21-26 
Father Daughter Canoe:   July 27-30 
Scuba Camp (Basic Open Water):   July 28-aug 1 
Surf Camp: 
July 31-6 

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