Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Past Few Months in Pictures

Get a small taste of our life this summer and the amazing places God took us.

3 Peak Adventure  (P314)
Surf Camp (Malibu and Ventura)
Father and Daughter Canoe
Socal Boys Adventure
Base Camp
Trinity White Water Canoeing

Making the best of a rainy day on the Trinity White Water Canoe Trip
Sophia at Father/Daughter Camp
Standing 14,505 Feet in the Air on the 3 Peak Backpacking Trip (P314)
Hannah after running
Hannah after running "the Devil's Toilet Bowl" on the Father/Daughter Canoe Trip
Josh Taking a break at Surf Camp
Josh Taking a break at
Bob and Me
Bob and Me at Base Camp one of the only times we sat this summer

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