Monday, February 27, 2012

A Flower Put Me In My Place

I was a pretty aimless college student. I considered lot's of different degrees. For about  week I considered landscape architecture. I only went to one class. About halfway through the first class they were talking a lot about sketching. I am terrible at drawing. I had one shining artistic moment in Mrs. Vanda's 1st grade class. Kids were coming from all over the room to ask for my advice on drawing elephants. My art career began and ended in that moment.

By the time I reached college I had no pretensions regarding my art ability. I raised my hand knowing that my question would probably cause all the upper class-men surrounding me to look at me like I was stupid but ... whatever. When my suspicions regarding their reaction and the necessity of an ability to sketch were confirmed I immediately dropped the class. I replaced it with tractor driving. Seriously.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gregg Family Ministry Update - February 2012

It's been an amazing two months! We're now officially in full time ministry, we celebrated Bob Nass' 35 years of faithful service with CSB, we hosted 40 young men at this years Junior Leadership Conference, and God has blessed us with new families to come alongside, to challenge and to encourage with the Good News.

I'll admit it's easy to get discouraged when we see the crumbling culture around us but being on the front lines of ministry we're able to see first hand that God is still active and I am more hopeful now than ever. If you don't believe me take a look at the ministry story below of a 13 year old who has learned a lesson most grown men never learn. We've also provided some camping and trip opportunities for Dad's, sons, and some adventure trips for young men this summer. My book suggestion this month is for anyone interested in a short book for anyone interested in a clear explanation of christian masculinity and a great resource for dads who want a resource to help them disciple their sons.

Camps and Trips this Summer

Camping and trip opportunities for Dad's, sons, and young men

Ministry Stories: KERBLAAM!!!

You ever think things are fine and then ... KERBLAAM!!! Suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a mess?  

Matt thought everything was fine too. He was happily playing Foosball ignorant that a storm had been brewing around him until his youth pastor, Dan, called him aside and unexpectedly smacked Matt upside the head with a problem.

Dad's can be momma bears too and Dan believed that Matt had been ostracizing and isolating his son. This was not what Matt had expected at all. He thought that he was on great terms with Dan. Matt stood there dumbfounded with eyebrows raised in surprise feeling really defensive. The way the whole thing went down made it feel a bit like a blindside and the conversation was left as so many confrontations are ... awkward, no resolution, Matt feeling really defensive. Ripe for bitterness.  

Cool Reads: FUTURE MEN

Yeah ... there's a lot of books out there on raising boys. So I thought I'd save you the trouble of weeding through them yourself. Though there are some other good one's out there this is definitely one of my first picks.

First, Wilson does what few authors have done successfully if at all. He takes time to define exactly what masculinity is and he grounds it Biblically.

Secondly, he starts where we all should start, by recognizing that growing boys into men is accomplished with the same faith that a farmer employs when he sows seed in the ground. That faith is patient and is not directed toward the boy but toward God.

Lastly he is, as always, both abundantly practical, refreshingly biblical, and funny. It's a joy to read. To read other reviews of this book and to purchase click here.