Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cool Reads: FUTURE MEN

Yeah ... there's a lot of books out there on raising boys. So I thought I'd save you the trouble of weeding through them yourself. Though there are some other good one's out there this is definitely one of my first picks.

First, Wilson does what few authors have done successfully if at all. He takes time to define exactly what masculinity is and he grounds it Biblically.

Secondly, he starts where we all should start, by recognizing that growing boys into men is accomplished with the same faith that a farmer employs when he sows seed in the ground. That faith is patient and is not directed toward the boy but toward God.

Lastly he is, as always, both abundantly practical, refreshingly biblical, and funny. It's a joy to read. To read other reviews of this book and to purchase click here.

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