Monday, March 11, 2013

Dad's YOU Need to Be Talking to Your Sons About This Stuff

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Here's a handout that I provided to the men who attended my seminar this past Saturday entitled "A father's Call." This handout lists a number of key issues about which dads should be talking with their sons:
This is certainly not an exhaustive list nor is it the only important topics about which to be talking with your sons, but it certainly is a good start and I hope you find it beneficial.

  1. The Gospel
·         What is the gospel?
·         The exclusive nature of the gospel: Jesus as the only way
·         The importance of loving others and sharing the gospel
·         The exhaustive nature of the gospel: It affects everything we are and do

  1. Devotional life
·         How often did your son set time aside to read this week?
·         How was the quality of his time in the word and prayer?
·         What did he read?
·         What insights did he gain? How was he challenged or encouraged?
·         Did he feel like reading/praying?
·         What is the trajectory of his spiritual journey

  1. Sex
The Basics
·         Biological Mechanics
·         What to expect during puberty

Sexual Sin
·         Guarding eyes and thoughts
·         Pornography
·         Masturbation

·         Who he may have an interest in
·         What courtship/dating will look like

  1. Friends
·         What kind of friends he has?
·         What kind of friends is he attracted to?
·         Why has he chosen the friends he does have?
·         What kind of friends does God desire for him?
·         Would he be willing to give up friends that were leading him away from God?
·         Would he be willing to be alone at school if that was what God required?

  1. Spiritual questions/Doubts (get in the habit of not ever being “shocked”)
    • Does God exist?
    • Is Christianity true?
    • Why is it so hard to do what is right?

  1. Character development
·         Laziness
·         Diligence
·         Initiative
·         Responsibility

  1. Vocational Vision
    • What are they interested in doing?
    • What are their gifts?
    • How can you help to aid them in their interests?
    • Are their interests realistic?

  1. The use of their tongue
·         The power of the tongue
·         For building up
·         For destroying
·         Crude joking

  1. Education
    • Why is education important
    • How they are doing in school
    • What subjects they enjoy
    • What subjects they hate
    • Do they consider themselves lazy

  1. Pop Culture
    • Music
    • Movies
    • Books
    • Clothes
    • Sports
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