Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Prayer Requests 5/23/2012

Thank you for praying for  our family's ministry. Here are some things that we'd love for you to remember in prayer for us:

I met with a pastor in the Sacramento area who is interested in how we can help them disciple the boys and young men in their congregation. Please pray for the pastor as he meets with the key men's leadership team to cast the vision and to plan.

I had a great meeting with a church in the Modesto area that we already work with but they have some great ideas for growing their discipleship ministry. Please pray that God blesses their work over the next couple of months.

Camps start in mid June. Please pray for the right core group of counselors who are spiritually mature and have hearts of service.

Please pray for me as I create the bible study for the camps this summer that it will be true to God's word and particularly appropriate to meet each camper where they currently are at in their walk with God.

The tenant for our rental property that I have that I use in part to help support our family has just given 30 days notice. This is poorly timed (from my perspective) because it is right before camps start. Please pray that I can rent this unit quickly.

Please pray for Curtis, a young Mormon who we have had a chance to talk to over the past few weeks. You can read a bit more about him in this post.

CSB is working on a revision of the CSB materials. Please pray that it is delivered on time and is a spectacular tool for churches.

Thank you for supporting us in prayer!

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