Thursday, May 24, 2012

COOL READS ... Redemption -- Freed by Jesus from the Idols We Worship and the Wounds We Carry

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. 

The theme of redemption stretches across all the pages of God's story. Jesus came to redeem his people. To free them from slavery to sin. But how should we understand and respond when certain sins seem to maintain a hold on us that we can't shake?

In this book Mike Wilkerson weaves together the story of Israel's exodus from Egypt with contemporary stories of people's redemption from sin. He does a spectacular job of maintaining constant contact with the Gospel while at the same time challenging us to respond to the freedom purchased for us by Christ in worship. Worship is after all the very purpose for which we were created.

It's a refreshing and challenging approach to killing our hangups without appealing to modern secular psycho-babble or the all to common warmed over christian versions of that same babble.

To read other reviews of this book and to purchase click here.

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