Monday, October 13, 2014

Ministry Update: October 2014

I often get asked, "Is the busy season over?" I understand the motivation for the question. Summers

are crazy busy. Often camps end one day and begin the next. It is common in the hours between trips to be out shopping for food while load after load of laundry is agitating away, trailers are being disemboweled and re-stuffed with gear for the next trip, and teenage guys are draped over every conceivable surface in our house.

The "Busy" Question Answered:
But the busyness doesn't end, it simply transmogrifies. As September rolls around our ministry shifts from discipleship in the camp setting to helping equip men in local churches to disciple the boys and young men in their churches on a weekly basis. This involves visits to churches, meetings with men, projects for the national CSB office, preparing for regional events (like the Leadership Advance in January), in addition to the personal discipleship that I have the privilege of doing with dads and young men.

Two New Highschoolers:
In addition to the demands of ministry, "normal" life continues to take place. We started homeschooling Hannah and Josh as freshmen in September which means that the expectations and standards have been raised for both the kids and the parents teaching them. Salvos of repentance back and forth have become common place in the Gregg Family battle for sanctification.

Continuing to Beat the Cancer:
We are also really happy to report that after the first exam in about two years the radiation oncologist sees no evidence that the cancer has returned (see the picture above). Karen is going to have an MRI done to confirm that the cancer is still too beat-up to make a second appearance but for now we continue to rejoice.

The Next Event:
Another successful Father/Son Team Day concluded this past Saturday and now I have moved on to planning the details for this year's  Leadership Advance. The theme for 2015: "I Heart Me: Rejecting the 'Selfie' Culture." We'll be focusing on the danger of pride in leadership.

Summer Pictures:
Lastly, if you want to get a taste for some of our trips this past summer there a few albums below  you can view. You can also get a taste for our amazingly wonderful and crazy British relatives who visited in August. I think our day with them in San Francisco was the most fun I can remember having in years. We really didn't stop laughing the whole day!

In Christ,
Dave Gregg

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