Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ministry Updates: October 2012

The Legume Launch. Sometimes the target becomes the back of dad's head.

A lot has happened over the past few weeks. As always we thank you for your interest in our ministry and really appreciate your prayers!

Father/Son Team day
A little over a week ago I had the exciting opportunity to help organize the 2012 Father/Son Team Day. It was such a joy to see 197 fathers and sons playing, competing, and memorizing scripture together. You can learn more about it or see a few pictures from the event.
New churches
I have had the privilege over the past couple months to see the establishment of a couple new CSB discipleship programs. Westminster Pres. in Yakima, WA announced a family discipleship night and saw more than 100 people show up interested in a context where dads and moms could disciple their sons and daughters. I got another call from a youth pastor who recognized that he needed to train his young men to become godly Christ-centered leaders. So we helped him set up a weekly night in which men in the church disciple the young men and they in turn get a chance to practice leadership!

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