Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jesus still makes the blind see

"I feel like I can finally see in color!"

This young man's brokenness was no match for the grace of God

I wish I could tell you his name. I wish that you could hear his whole story. 

Abuse that left bruises on his body and chunks of his life his mind won't yet let him remember. Beaten with the hands and by the words of those who should have offered hands and words of life. Living in constant fear and anxiety. Turning in desperation to a panoply of sins to escape the pain only to end up more broken. He was angry at God. And yet in the midst of that anger and confusion, like so many of us, God drew him gently to a fragile repentance and he cried out to God in childlike trust and found life.

As the scales are falling from his eyes he told me recently, "I feel like I can finally see in color!"Jesus still makes the blind to see! To see color in a world painted black with sin is truly a miracle only God can bring about!

Please pray for this young man. He has a name that God knows, and the road ahead is unimaginably difficult, but unimaginably bright.

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