Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cool Reads -- Shepherding A Child's Heart, By Tedd Tripp

The oldest two of my children are about to leave childhood behind. Josh will be 13 in less than 5 months and Hannah is right behind him. Some of you might think it odd that Karen and I went back and read this book again. But we are both so glad that we did.

It has been a great reminder of principles and approaches that are vital if we are to be successful in not simply raising law keeping little robots but young men and women who have a vital relationship with Christ and seek to obey because they desperately love Him and are thankful for who He has made and is making them.

If you have children and it has been more than a couple years since you boned up on what you already know about parenting don't miss this opportunity. Grab this book, humble yourself, read it, genuinely listen, and then apply what you read no matter how painful. There is no greater task for a parent than to shepherd your child's heart.

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