Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October Ministry Update

In the October update below you'll find:
  • Some Quick Updates right below
  • Bob Nass Retirement Celebration
  • A Ministry Story
  • Support Update
  • Good Read - Book Suggestion
Jesus told us to make disciples. But being obedient in this is rarely easy or natural. It begins with spending time with one another and then having something valuable to pass on. Modern men tend to fall flat in both these areas. We're busy ... and don't know what to say.

It takes a man to teach boys how to be Godly men.
Our families ministry with Christian Service Brigade is about helping men and dads to set aside time and then having done so to have something of eternal value to pass on. Below is another amazing story about a 3rd grade boy who recently got to taste the sweetness of mercy because a godly man set aside a few minutes one Wednesday night. Before we get to the story I've included a few quick updates.

Full Time Ministry Begins
Our family will be be taking on the responsibilities of full time ministry with CSB Ministries as of January 1st. please pray for our family as we prepare spiritually, emotionally and financially.

Visiting Churches
Bob Nass (the Regional Director whose position I will be filling in January) and I have been visiting the CSB Units around the state. It is impossible to capture in a few words how encouraging it is to to meet men who are passionate about discipling the next generation of Christian leaders. I will give you more details about this next month, but my naturally unflappable optimism is only more hopeful and I look forward to meeting more of the men and churches who have partnered with CSB Ministries to disciple the next generation.

My Nephew at the Father/Son Team Day Oct. 1st
Father Son Team Day
On October 1st 90 sons and 60 fathers converged to spend the day as father/son pairs in friendly competition with our father/son teams. All in all it was a great day for dads and sons to make lasting memories together. Considering that the average American father spends less than three minutes talking with his children each day, the hours spent playing and memorizing God's word represented a major exception to that sad rule!

What else is filling my days
  • One on one discipleship throughout the week
  • Raising financial support
  • Preparing for the Junior Leadership Conference in December
  • Starting new CSB Units
  • Supporting Current CSB Units
  • Creating next summer's SBC Camp Brochure
  • Trying to keep up with my small business responsibilities
  • Reading and playing with my kids
  • Laughing and praying with my wife Karen

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