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Saturday, October 1 • 8:30am - 4:30pm
Kiwanis Youth Camp, La Grange, CA
California 132 & Lake Rd
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This annual event is a great way for dads and their sons to spend the day enjoying their time together as they have fun competing with other dad/son teams.

•Air Pistols, Archery, Canoeing, Legume Launch, and more!

Six events for each age group (Grade K-2; Grade 3-4; Grade 5-6; and Grade 7-12) Trophies and ribbons awarded for overall winners as well as individual competition winners • Every boy receives a participant ribbon

•Bar-B-Que lunch provided • Free hot coffee all day!

•The competition begins at 8:30 on Saturday but there is a free opportunity to camp out at the competition site the night before for any dads and sons who would like to do so. There is no additional cost for this and it is an additional opportunity to spend time together as dads and sons. This event is intended to be fun and friendly. Each Dad/Son pair moves from event to event throughout the day accumulating points throughout the day. Awards will be awarded before departure the same day. It is possible to bring more than one son to compete with but if you want to bring more than two you should contact Dave Gregg to discuss the logistics.

cell: (510) 209-3678

• Substitute Dads
Do you know of a boy without a dad available? This would be a great opportunity to come alongside that boy and give him a great day while investing in his life. A Medical Release Form is required only for those boys attending without their legal dad. Substitute dads must be at least 10 years older than their “son.” Contact Bob Nass at for medical release forms.

COST: $25 per man, $15 per boy


Dave Gregg
cell: (510) 209-3678

•Father/Son Team Day is co-sponsored by Christian Service Brigade and Sequoia Brigade Camp. It is NOT necessary that fathers or sons have any affiliation with a church, CSB or SBC in order to participate.

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